The Background

During their high school years, six students from the ICS class of 2020 had the chance to attend a camp by Reactor Schools Singapore. After expanding their knowledge on entrepreneurship and experiencing the thrill of pitching themselves, these students came together to form BEST. The Bangkok Entrepreneurial Students Tryouts (BEST) competition was created to motivate high school students to learn about startups and to provide the framework that allows them to build skills in a classroom without borders.
Teams that enter the competition have the chance to communicate their business ideas and expand their opportunities. Each team participating has 3 to 5 people, urging the students to turn their ideas into projects and their projects into start-up companies. On the competition day, each team will pitch to a panel of qualified judges. 
This is supported through our partnership with Reactor Schools Singapore, True Incube, and National Innovation Agency.

BEST 2019
BEST 2019

BEST 2019 - BEST Team & Judges
BEST 2019 - BEST Team & Judges

BEST 2019 Competition
BEST 2019 Competition

BEST 2019
BEST 2019



Currently, the competition is held in Thailand. Any high school students may join by signing up on the form that we will provide.



For BEST Competition


  • All individual contestants must be a school attendant between the grades 9-12 (years 10-13) at the time of the competition

  • Teams must consist of 3-5 people

Judging:  The Judges are business professionals with real-world experiences. They are there to highlight/critique the key points of each team as well as encourage them to move forward with their projects no matter who the winner is.  

Support: Facilitators are there to encourage and give advice, but they cannot be involved in the team’s direct ideas.

Aside from the camps, facilitators are there to aid in preparation and check-in with teams through follow-ups 

Judging Criteria:

  • Based on the BEST 2020 Judging Rubric & Evaluation Criteria, judges are to evaluate each team’s pitch delivery, market validation, business model, and prototype & demo (out of a score of 6). 


  • Turn in the PowerPoint presentation beforehand directly to the Facilitators.

Plagiarism: The use of work that isn’t yours will not be tolerated. If organizers find out that a team has copied work or incorporated unoriginal ideas, we have the right to reject that team’s application and the team will no longer participate in the competition. 


1. Greatest Social Impact

2. Most Innovative Business Model

3. Best Validation

4. Best Pitch 




Guest Singer: Ninna Yanin Ophasthavorn

Ninna shares an encouraging message and song during our 2020 live competition.