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Meet the Representatives

The Reps are a very essential part of the team, they help us coordinate and promote our events.

Meet the Representatives: Our Team


International Community School

I am currently a senior at International Community School. Some school clubs that I am a part of are the Sports Medicine Club and the ICS Business Club. In the Sports Medicine Club, I am the founder and President which has organized events like inviting a doctor to speak about health issues and coordinating a blood drive. In the ICS Business Club, I am the PR and post about events on the club’s Instagram page. Besides those commitments, another passion of mine lies within the Varsity Football team, where we were placed 2nd at ACSC tournament this year. Outside of school, last summer, I attended UCLA summer school to study psychology and economics and had the opportunity to intern with JP Morgan. During, I gained the skills of teamwork and effective communication. In the BEST Team, I was part of the BEST Sustainability and Environmental project at Ourland. Lastly, I will be competing in the BEST 2023 Competition, with the hope of furthering my interests in business, psychology, and sports science.

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Shrewsbury International School

I’m in the class of 2024 at Shrewsbury International School. In my free time I primarily enjoy cooking, sketching and reading dystopian fiction. Some of my favourite activities are kendo, mixed martial arts, boxing and swimming. Academically, I’m interested in Physics, Maths and Economics. Therefore I’d like to do independent contract work as a freelance engineer in the future, and perhaps serve in the United States Armed Forces beforehand.



Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School

I’m in the class of 2025 at Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School. I've been interested in money ever since I was a child, so, my hobbies consist of looking up ways to make money, and so far, I've gotten into investing in stocks and mutual funds, also I believe in work-life balance, so I always make sure to leave some time for myself, that is, reading light novels or playing video games. I like trying new things but so far my favorite activities are: crocheting and working out. In school, I enjoy learning mathematics, science, and computer science. With that being said, I would hope to work in the field of IT all the while retaining the essence of an entrepreneur.

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Anglo Singapore International School

Hello! I'm Wellington, a student at Anglo Singapore International School, set to graduate in 2024. I have a passion for exploring the intricacies of the human mind through psychology, understanding the dynamic world of business, and delving into the fascinating realm of kinesiology.
Outside of the classroom, you'll often find me engaging in various activities that keep me active and fulfilled. I love the feeling of freedom and serenity that comes with swimming, as it allows me to unwind and stay fit. Bouldering challenges me both mentally and physically, pushing me to conquer new heights and solve problems creatively. When I'm seeking an adrenaline rush, surfing is my ultimate go-to, riding the waves and connecting with the powerful forces of nature.
Through my diverse interests and activities, I strive to foster personal growth and enrich my understanding of the world. I look forward to making a positive impact in my chosen fields and embracing every opportunity that comes my way.



Concordian International School ( CIS)

Hello, im in the class of 2025 at Concordian International School. Honestly, ever since I was a kid, I never had any real passion in my life, my whole existence had always revolved around getting good grades even though I never really enjoyed learning about anything, but after finding my passion for business (specifically business administration, Marketing and Business psychology), it made me view the world around me much more differently. Apart from my interest in business, I also enjoy playing squash, listening to music and watching thriller movies/ series on my free time.



Brighton College

Hello, my name is Aom. I’m in the class of 2025 at Brighton College. I have always been interested in business and maths so i find BEST as an opportunity to learn more. Apart from business and maths I also find interest in sports like basketball and go-kart.



Pelita Cemerlang High School

I’m in the class of 2024 at Pelita Cemerlang High school. I was part of the Student Council in my school. I enjoy reading, watching and listening to music in my spare time. I am interested in technology and want to pursue a career that involves technology in the future, whether if it’s programming or making websites and softwares.



Pelita Cemerlang High School

I’m in class 2025 at Pelita Cemerlang School.
I love to draw and read comics in my free time. I also enjoy watching anime, listening to music and playing online games with my friends.
Furthermore, I am planning to join the student council in my school this year.
I want to join the student council because it teaches us to be responsible and it will improve my interpersonal skill.
For now, I want to pursue a career that involves drawing.
I am still unsure about what I want to do in the future but for now I want to learn and explore as much as I possibly can.

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