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International School Bangkok, Class of 2022, UC Berkeley’ 26, Molecular & Cell Biology

I'm an International School of Bangkok in the class of 2022 and now will be going to the University of California Berkeley. With the BEST team, I’ve organized the ISB Business Camp and helped to host the BEST Competition 2020. My passion for business stemmed from my love of entrepreneurship as well as the notion that it could develop our country and provide jobs and opportunities. My work revolves around creating change and making a positive impact in this world. Hence, I started a nonprofit for women’s rights and do a lot of other work in activism and service. Additionally, I’m interested in medicine and business, and also am an avid poet and swimmer.



Shrewsbury International School of Bangkok, Class of 2022, Bryn Mawr College’26, Science

I’m in the class of 2022 at Shrewsbury International School. I’m an avid golfer and an animal lover. I’m interested in combining social enterprise and business and that’s why I’ve co-founded Kalamansi Kitchen, an online food delivery service, that channels the profits to benefit society and the environment. In addition, I’m also one of the founders of Climate Change Club in my school. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to interact with new individuals through webinars and collaborate with talented individuals during the BEST competition. I have gained many experiences that can be hard to come by in the real world as a result of being a member of BEST, which has assisted me in developing as a person.



International Community School, Class of 2021, Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine

The experience during BEST helped me learned more about entrepreneurship in Thailand, and it teach me teamwork skills use during the process of BEST competition. It helped me organize my thoughts into plans better than before.

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International Community School, Class of 2022, / Tufts University’ 26, Economics and International Relations

BEST truly is a continuous learning experience that expands on one's knowledge and skill sets. It lets us become critical thinkers conceptualizing an innovative idea, executing it and making sure that it works in the real world. It's a great opportunity to hone leadership skills and fosters our entrepreneurial spirit. Through BEST, we learn to be lifelong learners that enables us to be open-minded and challenges us to do our very best.



Chulalongkorn University Bascii

Best allowed me to explore the path of being a startup in which I discovered a similar faculty that was the same as what I experienced in Best. BEST was one of the best camp I went to for entrepreneurship because I really had to put myself out there to try different skills such as pitching and creating a prototype of our innovation and the best part of Best was that I met many people from different schools and allowed me to open up to new perspectives

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Wells International School (WIS)

I'm in the class of 2022 at wells. Although I play football and enjoy it, my favorite sport is still baseball. I am a huge fan of Yankees in MLB and Samsung Lions in KBO. I have started my own business before, an app in fact and managed to receive advice from Jeff Bezos and Tim Draper but unfortunately was unable to secure an offer. I am also the founder and current president of the CS Club at my school. My passion is heavily revolved around technology (specifically mobile devices and A.I), business, economics, and politics. I hope to pursue my career as an entrepreneur or work in an investment bank as either a hedge fund manager or M&A.



International Community School (ICS) / University of British of Columbia (UBC)

I’m in the class of 2021 at International Community School. I was in the swim team, the track team and also play in the band. I enjoy multiple forms of entertainment like watching movies, playing video games, reading and especially music. I am currently the president of Business club at International Community School. I am interested in science subjects as well as social sciences. I have a passion to try and make a mark on this world. I want to positively contribute to society.

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International Community School, Class of 2023, Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Business Administration

I am an alumni from International Community School, and I'm headed to Chulalongkorn University for business major. During my time in ICS, participating in and hosting business club and BEST events really helped me expand my understanding about the world of business and economics. During my time in ICS, I have also co-founded The WallStreet Club where members can develop skills related to finance and investing. I've always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and have high passions towards fulfilling my ambitions. I ultimately believe in self-improvement and growth as a way to achieve my goals and to become the best version of myself. Other than business, I also find interest in cooking, martial arts, swimming, psychology, and philosophy as a way of life.

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International Community School Bangkok, Class of 2023, University of Toronto’ 27, Rotman Commerce

I graduated at the International Community School as part of the Class of 2023, and will be heading of to study at Rotman Commerce, within the University of Toronto. As a part of BEST, I have served as the Social Media organizer, president to the ICS Business club, as well as even hosting the BEST competition in 2023. Within school, I try to round myself off in multiple ways, specifically in my high school career, I participated in activities such as Varsity Soccer and Basketball, while also creating a small startup, raising funds for an orphanage.

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