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The Founders

Since our founding, Bangkok Entrepreneurial Students Tryouts (BEST) Competition has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of our team its abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our team members below.



Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I'm Joanna, the CEO of the BEST Team. I am currently majoring in Creative Technology Management at Yonsei UIC University. During my time at high school, I served as the Co-Founder and President of the ICS Business Club during the 2018-2020 academic years. In my free time, I enjoy reading, exercising, and watching tv shows (kdramas), and in the past, I've had the opportunity to serve as the photographer for the ICS Quill (school magazine) and to take part in the Tennis Team. My other passions are constantly learning new things/skills and traveling. In the future. I hope what I learn will allow me to bring a positive impact on the communities around me.


Chief of Operations

Hello! I’m Cartoon and I am currently at Vanderbilt University. My passion for and interest in business was cultivated in high school when I realized that I have the desire to understand the internal processes and functions behind everything I see. I had the chance to practice my interests as the Co-founder and Vice President of the Business Club in high school. Outside of this, I also have interests in dancing, various kinds of art, and volleyball. I will be continuing my studies with a major in Human and Organizational Development and Computer Science with the goal of returning and finding a way to bring change to various communities.

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Hello, my name is Summer and I recently just graduated from International Community School (ICS). I’m currently majoring in Food Science / Technology and minoring in Business Management in UC Davis. My goal is to increase the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle into a business aspect of the world. A few of my hobbies I enjoy are editing videos and designing posters. I got the chance to be the Treasurer and Social Media Manager of ICS Business Club during my time in high school.


Chief of Finance

Waddee krub (hi), my name is Matt.  I am currently studying Film Production in DePaul University. If you like the movie Hereditary, I'm sure we can work together.



Hi, I’m Phoo and I'm currently studying at Khon Kaen University. I enjoy playing basketball, watching anime, and playing online games during my free time. The school subjects that I’m interested in are biology and human anatomy. Right now I am studying medicine, however, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and hope to launch a medical-related company in my future career.


Hello guys, My name is Sky and I am currently at Hanyang University. I enjoy spending time with friends and playing sports during my free time. At the moment I am majoring in Theater and Film in Korea and I hope to be a successful actor/ independent business owner one day. I had a lot of experience as an actor and model so if you need a model for your startup, you know who to call ;).

Meet the Founders: Meet the Team
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