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The Game Design Club (GDC) is a worldwide organization of young adults where innovators and creative minds come together to learn and discuss the workings of game development. Our core vision is to teach game development and share the love of designing games with all passionate people around the globe. Learn game development for free with experienced developers in our Discord Server!

Game Design Club: About Us

Our Staffs

Russell Mehta - Founder, Owner, & President
Riw Linsa-nguan - Vice President
Napisa (Ami) Suthinand - Art Department
Pakdee (Titus) Suntichaiwarin - Art Department
Chayaporn (Fah) Prayottavekit - Art Department 
Puntasun (Russia) Chawala - Art Department
Chanasit (Beam) Chaocharoenphat - Media Department
Natasha (Grace) Sakulyanonvitaya - Media Department
Arnav Rao - Accounting Department
Matshi Charoensupkul - Accounting Department
Jeremy Kim - Accounting Department
Pakorn (Nick) Jitjang - Researching Department
Joseph Jeong - Researching Department
Supachoke (Plub) Srisukont - Networking Department

Game Design Club: Image
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